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Thursday night, May 19, we were given special access to cover Die Antwoord’s private listening party for their latest mixtape Suck on This. The event was hosted at Union, which is apart of Jewel’s Catch One night club, and just so happens to be one of raddest, underground clubs in Los Angeles.


We pulled up to the venue, which is located in the cut of Koreatown, got out of our Uber and headed up this set of rickety old stairs. To the right, a full bar, and to the left, a huge room equipped with a second bar, go-go poles and a few hundred people in full party mode. Cypress Hill’s very own DJ Muggs spun throughout the night, keeping the good vibes alive as everyone partied, had more than a few drinks and proceeded to turn up. The energy at Union was perfect the entire night. It was filled with plenty of hardcore Die Antwoord fans who were eating up every moment. It’s so refreshing when artists invite their closest fans to events like this, as it makes for a much more entertaining night rather than your typical event full of the less excitable lounging around. Ninja and Yolandy performed a killer set; the duo has no problem interacting with their fans. There were countless stage dives, crowd surfing and mosh pits during their entire performance. The crowd went nuts and basically turned the venue upside down. It was an incredible experience that we, or anyone there, wont soon forget. We’re truly sorry if you missed out on the whole affair, so to get you in the mood for the next one, here are snippets of what went down.

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