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As a pioneer when it comes to technology, Japan is a country that’s always on the move. From the quaint mysteries of Kyoto’s Geisha district to the hustle-and-buslte of Tokyo’s Shinjuku district—which in 2014, set the Guinness World Record for the world’s busiest train station—Japan is certainly a country that cannot be tamed. However, world-renowned photographer Takashi Yasui aims to do just that. Through his beautiful still renderings, Yasui captures all that makes the Land of the Rising Sun so fascinating to those foreign to its lands.


In conjunction with Adorama, Yasui opens up about his humble beginnings and his creative process in a video titled Through The Lens. The 35-year old Tokyo-based photographer describes the last six years of his life which saw his work rise from purely amateur to world-class respect. Photography for Yasui, he states, is a way to understand the world around him, such as the vintage temples and Japanese gardens to which he thought little of before-hand.


The self-taught photographer always has his go-to Fujifilm X-T10 and carries his 56mm, 35mm and 16mm lenses on deck to capture any moment at hand. Yasui is currently featured in media outlets from all over the world for his ability to capture both the complexities and minimalism that make up Japanese culture. Stay attuned in the coming years for the 2020 Summer Olympics, where Yasui looks to bridge the gap in understanding his fascinating country.

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